Lawton, Oklahoma


(Keep this for Your Information - Do Not Return With Application)

FESTIVAL DATES: May 8, 9, 10

FESTIVAL LOCATION: Shepler Park in Lawton, OK, south side of Gore Blvd between 4th and 5th streets.

APPLICATION: Copy the form to a paper document (if needed). Fill it out, then mail it in.

Applications will be considered in order of the date received by Arts for All.


  1. Completed application form
  2. Entry fees: make checks payable to ARTS FOR ALL FESTIVAL Need a payment plan? Call: (580) 248-5384.
  3. Proof of liability insurance.

Mail to: Arts for All Festival Office, PO Box 592, Lawton, OK 73502.

Deadline for application: March 15

ACCEPTANCE: Applications will be given preference based upon food quality, variety of foods, and history of proven sales. Arts for All Festival reserves the absolute right to accept or reject any vendor application for any reason.

FEE REFUNDS: Space fee will be refunded ONLY if notice of cancellation is received by April 22. No refunds will be given after that date.

VENDOR SET-UP: Set up time begins at 9:00 am, May 7. The Food Court will be the U-shaped layout which has proven to be very successful for sales. The location and placement of each vendor will be determined at the sole and absolute discretion of the Arts for All Festival Committee.

OPERATING HOURS: Vendors must be open for business during the following hours.

Friday, May 8 ..........................................4:00 pm to 8:00 pm (you may open at noon)

Saturday, May 9.......................................10:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.

Sunday, May 10 ........................................11:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m..

BOOTH SIZE: We must have accurate size measurements for your setup in order to accommodate all vendors and provide adequate electrical service. Measure your tent or trailer, INCLUDING TONGUE AND ATTACHED AWNINGS.

OVERSIZED BOOTH: If upon arrival your required space exceeds the size applied for, we will do our best to accommodate the larger size. If we have the space to give you, an additional fee will be assessed for it. The additional fee must be paid before the electrical service will be turned on.

SIGNS AND BOOTH DECORATIONS: Each vendor is responsible for their own signs, including the display of prices. We encourage and welcome bright, colorful decorations

CONCESSION EQUIPMENT: All vendors must provide their own work tables, chairs, trash containers, etc. Vendors are prohibited from using trash containers intended for the public.

MENU ITEMS: You must include on the application the menu items that you want to sell. Food menu items to be offered by each vendor will be approved by Arts for All and may be limited to avoid duplication of menu items by several different vendors.

BEVERAGE SALES: Arts for All Festival reserves the exclusive right to sell all cold beverages: water, tea, lemonade, sodas, floats, smoothies, slushies, margaritas, sangrias, and all other similar drinks. Vendors may not sell cold beverages.

OPEN-FLAME GRILLS: Open flame grills will NOT be operated outside the vendor area.

ELECTRICAL POWER: Electricity is available on site. Indicate your power requirements on your application
  1. Limited 220V outlets are available.
  2. Microwave ovens are NOT permitted because of liability and power limitations.
  3. Romex electric cable is NOT allowed on the ground from your food booth to the electrical drop.
  4. All electric cable running on the ground must be secured in order to prevent any potential trip and fall. Loose cables are NOT allowed.
  5. All vendors must have heavy-duty hard surface extension cords equipped with strain-relief connectors. Trailer Vendors should have grounded power outlets for each of their electrical appliances. All vendors must supply extension cords of the proper length (cords that are too long overheat and are a hazard) and a cord for each appliance. Our electrical boxes are plug-in type. Hard wiring may be allowed with prior notice.

FIRE EXTINGUISHERS: Adequate ABC fire extinguishers with current inspection tags are required to be furnished by each vendor. Both CO2 bottles and propane tanks must be secured to a solid surface.

POTABLE WATER: Water is available on site. Vendors must provide their own hoses to connect to a nearby water source. Water back-flow preventers are required at each food booth that is hooked up to city water.

CHEMICALS: If a vendor uses chemicals in their operation, they must be able to identify the contents of the chemical compounds to the fire department or EMT in the event of an accident.

COOKING OIL/GREASE DISPOSAL: AFA Festival provides a service to pick up used cooking oil/grease. Food vendors may expect pick-ups to be Saturday afternoon and Sunday toward closing time.

SECURITY: An excellent 24-hour security team will patrol the grounds. Accordingly, it may be possible to leave your equipment in place overnight: AFA Festival does not assume any responsibility. If AFA Festival security is not acceptable to you, you may provide your own security or adequate insurance at your own expense

RV PARKING: Vendors may NOT park their RV or other overnight accommodation type vehicles within the AFA Festival grounds or in any adjacent parking lot.

FOOD SERVICE ESTABLISHMENT PERMIT: Once you are accepted for the AFA Festival, you will be sent a "City of Lawton Temporary Special Event Food- Service Establishment Application". You must fill this out and mail it with your fee payment by April 1. Your application is not final until this fee is paid.

FOOD HANDLER'S CARD: One vendor in the booth at all times must have a Food
Handler's Card. This card may be from any Oklahoma county. For out-of-state vendors, you must have a county or state permit or proof of food school training.

HEALTH CODE: By law, all food vendors must comply with the regulations of the
City of Lawton and the Comanche County Health Department or be closed down. Please carefully read the attached regulations.

SALES TAX: State of Oklahoma Law requires festivals to collect Oklahoma Sales
Tax from vendors who do not have a current Oklahoma Sales Tax Permit. Tax submission forms will be provided to you at the festival if you need them.

FOR MORE INFORMATION: Contact the AFA office at (580) 248-5384, or email:

Comanche County Health Department

Requirements for Temporary Food Establishments

(Keep this for your information. Do not return with application)

  1. Entire food booth must be fly proof. Walls and ceilings may be made of wood, canvas, screens or other material that protects the establishment from weather and insects.
  2. Service openings only as large as necessary for service of food products (closed when not in use)
  3. Ground cover: concrete, asphalt or plywood.
  4. Four tubs: three for dishwashing (one with hot soapy wash water, one with warm clear rinse, and one with cool clear rinse with sanitizer), one for hand washing.
  5. Household bleach, soap and paper towels (1/2 capful bleach/two gallons water).
  6. Ten gallons of potable water and at least 11 ½ gallons waste water retention. Waste water must be disposed of into the sanitary sewer.
  7. Facility to heat water such as coffee pot, hot plate, etc. for hand washing and dishwashing. The container for hand washing must have a hands free water valve.
  8. Facility to keep food above 140 degrees or below 41 degrees (no direct food to ice contact)
  9. Food must be from an approved food source (no home canned food or meat stamped "NOT FOR SALE".
  10. All temporary food establishments are required to buy an O.S.D.H. (Oklahoma State Department of Health) license. If claiming exemptions, must have written proof of non-profit organization status from Oklahoma Tax Commission or IRS.
  11. Toilet facilities must be available within the area of operation (soap, paper towels, hot and cold water).
  12. All food must be prepared in booth or in a facility licensed and inspected by Oklahoma State Department of Health.
  13. Health Department may impose additional requirements to protect the public's health.

Revised 04-12-2010



MAY 8, 9, 10

(Copy/paste this form if needed, print it, fill it in, then mail it)


Name of Organization:
OK Tax #:

Contact Person:
Phone (day):


Alternate Contact:
Phone (day):


Listed below (or attached) is my menu and related prices:

Note: Arts for All Festival reserves the exclusive right to sell all cold beverages: water, tea, lemonade, sodas, floats, smoothies, slushies, margaritas, sangrias, and all other similar drinks). Remember, no cold drink sales.

____________________________________________ $___________

____________________________________________ $___________

____________________________________________ $___________

____________________________________________ $__________

____________________________________________ $__________

____________________________________________ $__________

AVAILABLE SPACES: 10'x 10' - $400 (1 Space)

10'x 15' - $600 (1 and ½ Space)

10'x 20' - $800 (2 Spaces)

10'x 25' - $1,000 (2 and ½ Spaces)

10'x30' - $1,200 (3 Spaces)


Actual Measurements of Tent or Trailer Size

(including Trailer Tongue)

& Attached Awnings:

We will bring____________trailer(s). We will bring________________tent(s)

Size and Number of Spaces needed:________________________________________________

Electricity: We need (circle one):110v220v110v and 220v

Number of outlets needed:(include ALL all items using electricity)

______110 volt/ 20 amp outlets

______110 volt/ 30 amp outlets

______ 220 volt/30 amp outlets

______220 volt/50 amp outlets

Total Amps needed to power all items in booth__________________________

Other comments:_______________________________________________________


1.Arts for All Festival reserves the absolute right to accept or reject any vendor application for any reason. Application/Fees must be received or postmarked by March 15.

(No application will be processed if the proper fees do not accompany it. Booth space checks will be deposited and acceptance letters sent after March 15.

2.The City of Lawton Form "Temporary Food-Service Establishment Application" will be sent to you upon initial acceptance into the Festival. For final acceptance, you must complete the form and return it to the City of Lawton with a $50 fee by May 1.

Carefully review the following documents

before signing application.

  • Information for Food Vendors
  • Comanche County and City of Lawton Health Department Requirements
  • Food Vendor Application & License Agreement

I have read and will comply fully with all regulations which are incorporated into this Application and Agreement. I have enclosed the appropriate space fees as stated in the application form and proof of insurance liability.

Accepted and Signed


Name_____________________________________Date ________________


Mail to: Arts for All, Inc.
P.O. Box 592,
Lawton, OK 73502