Last Application Date- February 20

Late entries will be considered for the wait list.

About the Festival

Since 1974, the Arts for All Festival has been Southwest Oklahoma's largest and most popular cultural event, drawing people from Oklahoma and Texas for a weekend filled with art, entertainment and tantalizing foods. The festival is a cooperative effort of businesses, civic organizations and hundreds of volunteers who support and encourage the arts. All profits are contributed to the participating arts organization of Arts for All Inc.

Dates and Times

Friday, May 8, 4:00 pm - 8:00 pm
Saturday, May 9, 10:00 am - 8:00 pm
Sunday, May 10, 11:00 am - 5:00 pm


The Festival will be held outdoors in beautiful Shepler Park, near downtown Lawton, Oklahoma. The park is located on Gore Boulevard between 4th and 5th Streets. All artists' booths are on grass among some trees.



The Arts for All Festival is open to all Artists who meet the criteria. Approximately 90 booth spaces will be available for Artists. The jury committee will be looking for the following criteria:

1. Artist will be expected to exhibit technical skill and originality in work. No commercial work will be allowed.
The Festival will accept work of an original design. NOT acceptable are commercial or mass produced works using a purchased mold or pattern.

2. Three (3) images of current artwork and one image of your booth must be enclosed with the entry form. Please send these images on a CD. Artists who wish to exhibit work in more than one medium must submit three (3) images for each medium. Please label with name and media.

3. Jurors will be looking for a diverse cross section in order to include all media in the Festival.

Exhibition Space and Fees

Space only

Artist provides tent: $225 Single - $395 Double. For a corner space- Add $30.00

This booth space consists of 100 sq. ft. (10 x 10) of ground space (single). A double is 200 Sq. ft. (10 x 20). Artists must provide their own equipment and cover. We will attempt to leave extra room for storage whenever possible. There is no electricity. Tents must be properly staked down or weighted down with 50 pound weights at each corner.

Space with Rented Tent:

$350 Single - $650 Double. For a corner Space- Add $30.00

This booth space (single) consists of 100 sq. ft. (10 x 10) of ground space and is located under rented festival tents. A double is 200 Sq. ft. (10 x 20). The tents have sides provided. Artists must provide their own equipment. There is no electricity.

Note: Corner space cannot be guaranteed. If unavailable, your corner fee will be refunded.

Jury Fee

A separate $25 non-refundable jury fee must accompany each application.

Security Information

There is 24-hour professional security on the grounds. The Arts for All Festival CANNOT assume any liability for art or equipment. Please check with your insurance agent regarding coverage.


February 20- Last day entries can be postmarked. Late entries may be considered for wait list.

March 6- Acceptance letters mailed and checks deposited.

May 7 - Check-in and Set-up begins 10:00am - 8:00pm

May 8 - Artists check-in and set-up beginning at 8:00am and finishing up no later than 4:00pm.


Screens, tables, dolly and protective covering are the responsibility of the Artist. A dolly is strongly recommended.


1. Exhibit only work consistent with that represented by the images originally juried into show.
2. All offset reproductions must be labeled as such.
3. All work must be attractively displayed in a professional manner.
4. Booth must remain open for the duration of the Festival. The Festival committee will provide a volunteer to "Booth Sit' in order for you to take breaks.
5. Arts for All reserves the right to request any artist not following our rules to leave.

Oklahoma Hospitality

We are proud of our Southwest Oklahoma hospitality. We provide an Artist's Hospitality Tent, with free beverages and snacks and a Sunday morning artist's complimentary full breakfast on site.

Application Checklist

Please include all listed items:

- Completed Entry Application Form (see below), filled in entirely
- Three images of current art work for each medium and one image of your booth on a CD
- One self-addressed, stamped envelope for acceptance notification and return of CD.
- Checks: Entry Fee-single space: $225. If renting tent, entry fee is $350
Entry Fee-double space: $395. If renting tent, entry fee is $650
- Corner Space: $30.00 (this must be a separate check)
- Juror's Fee: $25.00 (this must be a separate check, This fee is not refundable)

Entry Fee checks will be held until after acceptance letters are mailed out. Juror's Fee $25.00 will be cashed upon receipt. Failure to adhere to the above entry procedures will nullify the applications. Thank you for recommending us to other artists.


Arts for All, Inc., PO Box 592, Lawton, Ok 73502
Bobbi Matchette, AFA Executive Director, phone: 580-248-5384, email:
Kris Gill, Festival Artist Chairman, phone: 580-355-3303, email:
Ronda Norrell, Festival Artist Assistant, phone: 580-698-0101, email:


There are two ways to apply:

  1. Copy this form to a document, print it, fill it in, then mail it
  2. Apply online at:

Artist's Name: ____________________________________________________

Spouse or assistant's name __________________________________________

Business Name: _____________________________________________________

Address: ____________________________________________________________

City/State/Zip _______________________________________________________

Day Phone: _______________________________cell:_______________________________Evening:____________________

Email:___________________________________________Web Site________________________________________________

Oklahoma Sales Tax # (if applicable) ____________________________________________________________

Vehicle license # ________________________________________Description_______________________________


CeramicsDrawing/PastelFibersFurnitureGlassJewelry MetalMixed MediaDigitalPaintingPhotography Print Making SculptureWatercolorWood Other _____________________________________________________________________________________

Price range of art: Low $ _____________High$

Description of Technique and materials (to be read by jurors)________________________________________________________________________________________


Jury Fee: Please enclose a separate check for $25.00

Booth Space -circle your choice

Space only: $225.00 Single$395.00 Double Corner $30.00 (separate check)

Space with tent rental: $350.00 Single$650.00 Double Corner $30.00 (separate check)

Tent Height: if bringing your own tent.(check one): Normal______Tall________

Special Request (Booth location/neighbor, etc.) ___________________________________________________________


I am interested in staying with a Host Family_

I have read and will comply with all rules.

Mail to: Arts for All Festival, PO Box 592, Lawton, OK 73502


Be sure to include:

-This Entry Application Form

-Three images of current art work for each medium on a CD

-One image of your booth on a CD

-One self-addressed, stamped envelope for acceptance notification and return of CD.

-Separate checks for:

- Entry Fee

- Corner Fee (if desired)

- Juror's Fee

Questions: Kris Gill, email: OR Ronda Norrell, email:

Kris 580-355-3303 (work) OR Rhonda 580-695-0101 (cell)